In her debut as an author, the founder of the theater, Marianna Arzumanová, presents the play that deals with the life stories of people who emigrated to Argentina in 1900–1946.
With short etudes interwoven with bitter humour, you get into the situations of Europeans in the first half of the 20th century, who, in times of economic crises, World Wars, political upheavals, persecution or lost love, longed to make a difference for the betterment of their lives. They set out in search of freedom, perhaps for the same motives that would lead us to do so.

These are stories of strong and courageous people who managed to change their lives from day to day, leave everything and go on a long journey by ship with an unclear end. From this group of people came the dance that we know today under the name of Argentine Tango. We invite you on a short journey through history, cultures and nationalities!
What if I don’t speak Czech? It doesn't matter at all; we will definitely understand each other in the sensitive combination of musical genres!

Director: Marianna Arzumanova

Cast: Marianna Arzumanova, Jaroslav Tůma, Štefan Radačovský, Dana Obermajerová, Veronika Wunsch, Pavlo Maykut, Hanka Pitinová, Alisa Rezníková, Johanna Kyselková, Tereza Slánská, Petr Studený, Jiří Valeš


18.10. 2013

Length of Performance

65 min.