The story of the theater began with director and actress Marianna Arzumanová in the autumn of 2013 at the D21 Theater with the premiere of the performance Buenos Aires, get out! The repeatedly sold-out auditorium was fascinated by the fate of the Europeans in Argentina in the 1940s.

The great admiration and loyalty of the audience enabled the theater to live the first five years of its existence exclusively depending on money from tickets. At that time, the Marianna Arzumanová Theater performed not only at the D21 Theater, but also the Na Prádle Theater or the small stage of the Vinohrady Theater.

Nationwide success did not take long. Today, the Marianna Arzumanová Theater has a professional hallmark and the third season has successfully started on the home stage of the Theater in Celetná, where it has already performed six productions under the patronage of maestro Evgeny Kissin.

The exceptional acting work is based on the method of KS Stanislavsky, a Russian actor, director, theorist and theater tutor. Marianna also uses the modern version of the method in in her academy. Most of the actors from the theater were tutored by her personally.

The main tool is authenticity and the theater begins just when the spectator enters the theater. The spectator is then to take away his own strong emotions from the performance itself.

If the famous scenes from the play Treatise on Love, long after the actors bowed thanks, will remind you of the situation in other moments of your life, or if you hear the whisper of subtle warnings of the cat from the show To Kill a Dragon while watching TV news - you can be sure you found something at the Marianna Arzumanová Theater.
And maybe that something is exactly what you've been looking for lately?

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