Eva Alner Jízdná

Eva was born in 1979. She graduated from the Janáček Conservatory in Ostrava, majoring in music and drama. After school, she acted at the West Bohemian Theater in Cheb, and later joined Horácký Theater in Jihlava. She has also starred in several Czech series (Bohéma, Dabing Street, Modrý kód, Surgery in the Rose Garden, Dear Neighbors, Klec) and foreign projects (Bertolt Brecht, Last Visa, Ottilie, Amundsen, Snow White). After years at the theater, she succumbed to the magic of the Orient - she studied oriental dance with leading Czech dancers (Shereen, Patricie Procházková), performed and later taught belly dancing at the Aisha dance studio.

In 2018, she founded the theater and cultural association Estela productions, which produced and produced the performance Treatise on Love, of which Marianna is the author and director. She carefully chose Marianna herself to direct the performance. She felt that working together would be a great inspiration for her and the quality of the performance would be guaranteed. Although she has heard about Stanislavský's method several times in her theatrical practice, it was only while working with Marianna that she fully understood it and a new dimension of view of theater was opened to her.

Eva alner